RVM offers a people-oriented work culture conducive for personal and professional growth. RVM is quick to recognize prospective talent and is always on the lookout for committed and competent productivity at project sites.

RVM has openings for fresh and experienced talent across technical and administrative functions from design to engineering, marketing, service, HR and finance. If the infrastructure sector excites you and you wish to carve a rewarding career pathway with RVM, do get in touch with us. We'd be glad to consider an association.

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Lateral from Industry

We look for the talent that have got unexceptional skills and have got the experience in the realm of construction. We would love to get connected to you and enroll you as one of our team members.



We actively source talent from colleges and universities across India, conducting campus drive recruitments periodically. Our focus extends to rural areas and tier 2 and 3 Towns/Cities, aiming to bolster our team and facilitate timely, high-quality project completion for our clients.



We provide learners the opportunity to start their career in the construction industry by offering internships. The deserving candidates can get enrolled into one of our internship programs and get real-time experience of working with the experts.



Business Ethics

RVM adopts fair practices in all dealings with clients and stakeholders while promptly meeting professional commitments and ensuring strict compliance with all applicable stipulation and regulatory norms. Integrity, respect and trust underline its existence as an ethically-driven enterprise.

Employee Safety

Deeply committed to the health and safety its employees, RVM conducts awareness and training programs, provides safety gear and strives to maintain a safe work environment.


Current Openings

Requirement of three civil engineers
Job Description: As a Civil Engineer, you will play a crucial role in supporting the design, planning, and construction of various infrastructure projects. Your responsibilities will include collaborating with senior engineers, utilizing design software, and ensuring project compliance with regulations and standards. Responsibilities: Assist in the design and planning of civil engineering projects Collaborate with senior engineers to develop project specifications and requirements Utilize design software ...
Office Boy HQ
Office Boy with atleast 1 year of experience is required at out HQ  Any Qualification with good Communication skills  Contact Mr.Sandeep : +917995997900 ...